Story of the Week: Cedar Point Sports Center Hosts Blood Drive to Aid in Coronavirus Efforts

Although many of the SFM Network facilities are closed due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Cedar Point Sports Center opened today for a different reason. 

In partnership with Firelands Regional Health System and the American Red Cross, a blood drive was held at the Sports Center to assist in the relief and recovery for those affected by the Coronavirus.

The staff saw tremendous participation in the first few days of advertising. There were originally 101 time slots available which were filled in less than an hour. Due to the overwhelming response, Firelands then added additional slots which then were filled within 36 hours of the original posting of the event. 

“It was such a joy to see Firelands Regional Health System working together with the American Red Cross and Cedar Point Sports Center to host a blood drive in support of those in need. I heard one of our team members say ‘it takes a village.’ It’s good to know that even though there’s a crisis going on in the world, people are still willing to help care for their neighbor,” said Jordan Sternberg, Marketing Manager of Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

Of the 100 donors, 11 of them are Power Red donations. Per the American Red Cross website, a Power Red donation is: “similar to a whole blood donation, except a special machine is used to allow you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation while returning your plasma and platelets to you.”. 

Additional measures were taken to ensure the facility was sterile and met the guidelines for social distancing, including:

- Checking temperatures of staff and donors before entering to ensure they are healthy and free of a fever
- Providing hand sanitizer for use before entering the blood drive and throughout the donation process
- Spacing beds and waiting areas to follow social distancing practices between blood donors
- Promoting Rapid Pass so waiting time is minimized
- Wiping down all tables, chairs, counter tops, flat surfaces, door knobs, etc. with professional-grade sanitizing wipes

Mary Ann Betton, Account Manager of American Red Cross Blood Services added, “We are so appreciative that we were able to have the blood drive at Cedar Point Sports Center. It was great to see Cedar Point Sports Center and Firelands Regional Health System promote this so well, and it is so amazing for the community. The facility is a great space because it allows us to have a blood drive and still maintain social distancing. 

The Cedar Point Sports Center team was overwhelmed by the response from donors and locals. One of the donors included Dr. David Riemann, an anesthesiologist at Firelands who came in on his time off to donate and support the Sports Center’s efforts.

“It was great to see two community partners come together and work with the American Red Cross to make this blood drive happen," said Wes Hall, General Manager of the Cedar Point Sports Center. "We are grateful to be able to use our facility and resources to benefit our community during this time of need."

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