Cedar Point Sports Center Hosts Basketball Camp with Local Non-Profit

This past Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a special one at the newly opened Cedar Point Sports Center. While most people had the day off from work or school, one Sandusky non-profit seized the opportunity to host a basketball clinic for local children from surrounding schools with the hopes they will learn more than just the basics of the sport.

Sponsored by Men of Action Ministries, a nonprofit with the mission to work with kids and prepare them for life, the clinic was hosted by Bob Nance, a famed coach who has been training basketball players in Cleveland for more than 30 years. Clifton Frisby, the founder and director of the ministry, said he wanted area children to check out the new sports facility, but also give them the opportunity to train with Nance.

In a recent news story from Sandusky Register, Frisby commented, “Bob really concentrates on education and skills the kids can use now, on the court, and transfer off the court into everyday life.”

More than 150 children ages 8 -15 embraced the opportunity to play and learn in the brand-new sports facility. Nance trained the kids in dribbling, footwork, agility, shooting, and more. Joining the camp was basketball coach Joe C. Redrick Sr. who coached Nance in his youth.

Nance commented humbly on his involvement with the camp, “If (the children) learned one thing from me, I did my job.”

Redrick added, “Athletics gave me a vehicle to pay for the education I received so I was able to share that with the youth and tell them this is a way they can uplift their life – through basketball”

This was the first community camp hosted at Cedar Point Sports Center and will not be the last. The staff was pleased to see so many kids enjoying the new facility. General Manager, Wes Hall commented, “The event was a great way to have kids from the community come in and see the facility, and for them to participate in a camp with kids from all the different schools in the area.”

Cedar Point Sports Center is now registering youth for basketball and volleyball. Registration is also open for adult pickleball. To learn more about Cedar Point Sports Center, visit: cpsports.com

Photos Courtesy: Sandusky Register

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