Apex Sports & Events Celebrates International Day of Sports for Development and Peace with Innovative Video featuring The SFM Network

Apex Video Still

This past Monday was April 6th and it was also the ‘International Day of Sports for Development and Peace’. Apex Sports & Events celebrated this holiday with a unique and engaging idea. The staff at Apex asked fellow SFM Network facility teams to produce content for a video in celebration of sports together.

The original vision was to have each individual toss a sports ball of their choice across the camera to the next person. However, Marketing Coordinator, Piers Giles, thought it would be fitting to instead toss a roll of toilet paper – a fitting replacement given the circumstances we are facing.

The idea was to engage the facilities across the Network and athletes around the world to work together while having respect and empathy for each other during such a difficult and uncertain time. Giles did just this by putting together the project and enlisting more than just the staff at Apex Sports & Events.

“The idea could not have been brought to life if it wasn’t for the other facilities (and families) helping out and sending in videos for me to use.” Says Giles. “The part that impacted me the most is that everyone that was involved told me that they had enjoyed themselves while doing it. It was a bit of fun for us that can be used for greater purposes which is fantastic. Seeing the SFM Network come together like that under these circumstances was brilliant and it’s great that we were able to spread a message of joy and peace through our passion for sports.”

We all continue to look at innovative and creative ways to engage our audiences. What better way than by kicking around the old roll?

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