5 Benefits of Outsourcing Sports Facility Management

Myrtle Beach Sports Center

You don’t have to be an avid news watcher to know that the complexities of governing our nation’s communities have grown at an alarming pace. The roles of city managers, mayors, and other city officials were already fraught with responsibilities. Even more so today as we all deal with the wave of uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 crisis. While it may be difficult to consider it at this point, your sports and recreation assets hold the key to various facets of recovery, coping with the crisis, and serving our communities.

Now, more than ever, is the time to maximize your sports and recreation assets. These are the places that will represent normalcy when you are able to open your doors again. The programming, fitness classes, and youth sports tournaments will be welcomed with a sense of appreciation and gratitude that will be unmatched. There’s a tremendous opportunity on the other side of this crisis. It’s important to be ready for it.

For many communities, maximizing their sports and recreation assets means outsourcing sports facility operations to a company with the experience and expertise to drive positive health and economic outcomes. With Sports Facilities Management, you gain access to a team of experts in every area critical to recreation and sports facilities operations, including staff development and training, human resources, business development, marketing and branding, financial tracking, legal, and venue operations. This team has achieved success throughout the country with a proven approach that has guided some of the most successful youth sports venues in the United States.  

Below are a few benefits that members of the SFM Network and other groups are experiencing from outsourcing management of their sports facilities to experienced and innovative operators:

A Partner in Sports Facility Management

One of the misconceptions around outsourcing sports facility operations is the organization that supports or owns the venue will be overshadowed by the management company. At SFM, it’s our objective to partner with communities to help them reach their goals, whether financial or community-based. Our strategy is to collaborate with facility owners, parks and recreation departments, and community stakeholders to understand their definitions of success. We then build a plan that complements various components of operations as needed. This may include business development, programming, human resources, and facility maintenance duties.

Allows Your Organization to Focus on Core Competencies and Pressing Issues

While you can dedicate staff to manage your sports facilities and recreation centers, is it the best and highest use of their time? Are there other areas within your community that are more suited to their expertise? Are there issues that you must attend to in which your time is more impactful? Your sports and recreation assets are important as well and by outsourcing the facility management role to an expert operator, you are putting them in the hands of a company that specializes in making the most of those assets. You can ensure that maximum effort and focus is being put towards reaching financial and community vitality goals. This, of course, frees you up to attend to other matters.

Operational Excellence

There’s an opportunity for your sports facility to standout in your community and draw people from around the country. When you outsource your sports venue operations, you work with a team with the tools and experience to optimize all facets of the facility. From creating the right programming for your community to drawing in the top events rights holders to ensuring that your venue is staffed with friendly, customer-centric people, outsourcing sports facility management pushes your venue to the highest level of excellence and primes it to achieve all goals.

Streamline Costs

Bringing in a company to manage your sports and recreation facilities may seem like an additional cost, but in the long term it can streamline these expenses dramatically. Sports Facility Management utilizes best practices and resources, honed from years of successful operations, to manage venues efficiently. Additionally, sports facility operators can take on the cost of hiring, training, and managing employees, reducing staffing costs and associated risk.

Sparking Innovation

Outsourcing management of your sports and recreation facilities is more than a method for maintaining these venues, it can be part of a strategy for elevating them. At SFM, we utilize best practices from our own facilities and others across the country, paying close attention to industry trends. We then use this knowledge to create solutions and generate new opportunities. From operations to programming, to getting ahead of the competition, we are in relentless pursuit of the tools, practices, and partnerships necessary to achieve your goals.

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