3 Keys for Successful Facility Brand Development

If you are planning a new venue or you're looking for a way to breathe new life into your community asset, you are ready to consider the branding and marketing process. A great venue deserves a great brand to hold its own in the marketplace. It's the first impression you make on the public and your potential guests. Every successful brand begins with a strong logo. One that is unique, professional looking and stands out in the industry. At SFC, we have helped craft and create a portfolio of 20+ successful brands and we want to share what success looks like with you.

Here are 3 keys to ensure that your logo - and the brand it represents - will be set up for success:

Key 1: Pick a [professional] partner.

Chances are this is your first time developing a brand. You'll need assistance from, at the very least, a professional graphic designer and maybe a marketing or management firm (like SFC). Choose wisely! Follow these tips when looking for potential partners:

  • Look carefully at their portfolio. Have they completed work that you like and that has professional appeal? Do they have specific expertise in your business area (sports and recreation, family entertainment)?
  • Are they professional? Graphic design is not a free service. Don't fall into the trap of using a hobbyist friend or relative. A professional designer should ask questions about your brand, your preferences, your vision for the project, the guest experience, and project details. Good design is not just creating a pretty logo, every element is carefully chosen to represent your specific venue.
  • Define the project. Before making a commitment to a company or quote, avoid potential extra fees by defining the dates, deadlines, and deliverables for your project. Your design/branding partner should be able to produce a schedule and sample deliverables so you know what to expect.

Key 2: Start with mission in mind.

Always start with your mission as the foundation for your brand. Your brand is not a logo, but a collection of customer experiences and feelings associated with your facility. The paint color of your facility, your voicemail greeting, website, customer service, cleanliness, and graphic design all contribute to your brand. Your logo is the symbol that represents those experiences and feelings. Imagine and consider your customer experience in all these areas and put them in writing. Supply this information to your design/marketing/management partner as a guide to communicate your vision for your project.

Key 3: Do your homework.

Research and understand your market. Who are your local and regional competitors? Identify their value propositions and differentiate yourself. Evaluate and adopt successful elements and work to avoid failures. Identify their brand elements (colors, logos, websites, brochures, signage, messages) and find ways to stand out in the crowd.  Who is your target market? Define your key demographics and work to understand their purchasing triggers. Using these 3 keys can help your exciting brand/logo reveal moment to be a success.

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